What an awesome Race!

What an awesome Race!

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Between the 428 registered runners and walkers plus all of the gracious volunteers and Aquarion Water who were passing out reusable and recyclable water bottles, we had over 450 people!  About an hour after the race, costume contest and raffle was over it started to rain.  I couldn’t be more thankful to Hurricane Sandy for holding out and not ruining Rachel’s special day.

We have over $22,000 in the bank that we are going to donate to research once the donations stop flowing in!  Thank you so much to our WONDERFUL friends and family and the community of Hull, Massachusetts for supporting our second race.  It was an incredible day!


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  1. It was such an amazing day!!everything was so organized and ran so smoothly!!!thank you, Kate, for having this race for a second year! Although preparing for this race kept you extra busy, it was fabulous and Rachel deserves to have such a special day. Koodos to the race committee for sharing ideas and working as a fantastic team!!huge hugs to the VT family xoxoxoxo

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