We have gotten the Road Race registration live on Active.com and we’d like you to register! The road race is a 4 mile run or 2 mile walk from Hull High School in Hull, Massachusetts with a Halloween Theme and Costume Contest. Please email team@teamrachel.com with questions!

Link to Registration: http://www.active.com/page/event_details.htm?event_id=2049058&cmp=1745

All proceeds are being donated to Massachusetts General Center for Human Genetic Research for Juvenile Batten Disease Research! This race is in honor of Rachel, a really lovely little girl who is unaware that she dying from Juvenile Batten Disease all the while her Mom (me) and her family are trying to make sure that she gets to squeeze as much fun out of the time she does have on this earth. She was born completely perfect and since the age of about 6 she has gone completely blind, lost a great deal of her brain power and is now losing the abilities to walk and speak.

All we want from this race is to fund research of this disease to prevent another parent from having to lose their child. Thank you! <3

Photo Caption: Rachel and newborn Charlotte having a cuddle.

And we're home!
Batten Disease: Rachel then and now

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