Friday Night

I feel so cool blogging on a Friday night. ¬†ūüôā

I took Rachel to her monthly girl scout meeting tonight and she had a good time. ¬†It was hard to watch her try and weave a bracelet (to raise $$ for Juvenile Diabetes) because she can’t see and has a hard time with mental processing¬†activities¬†that require sight. I promised her that I would finish the bracelet AND she could buy it off of me towards Juv. Diabetes. ¬†Such a good kid.

She is on day 3 of the lamictal. ¬†She is definitely more alert now that the risperdal is totally out of her system and her appetite is MUCH lower. ¬†I wouldn’t say that she is totally under control (behaviorally) but I think even the baby dose of lamictal (25mg for the first two weeks) is helping somewhat. ¬†She hasn’t been in school since Monday but I think she will go back next week.

There is a possibility that the Juvenile Batten Disease drug trial – the first one ever – will be starting soon. ¬†There has been talk of it as long as I’ve know about Batten Disease so I’m holding onto a shred hope. ¬†Hope, even if only a shred, is a good thing.

The drug trial won’t be for a cure, it it to test out the safety of using Cellcept (Mycophenolate) on JNCL kids. ¬†Cellcept has shown that it can slow down the effects of the disease on mice that have been genetically altered to have JNCL (Juvenile Batten Disease). (jist of JNCL and cellcept usage in knockout mice)

Featured Picture: ¬†That’s me (Kat), Rachel, Julie and Auntie Jacquie. ¬†A park ranger took our picture on Peddock’s Island… ¬†(wiki on Peddocks)