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I haven’t blogged in forever and I owe myself an apology.  I need this blog.  For posterity’s sake (my memory is shot) and to get my feelings out.  Feelings. I sound like such a bitch.  Feelings. FML. I texted my landlord in December to see if she had any larger homes for rent and within a few weeks I was starting to move my kids and all of our crap to a new home in Northeast Denver.

Meet Julie. She is a 7 year old 30 year old who is tremendously helpful and caring!

Julie won the first grade Read a Thon prize of riding the fire truck to school! Here is Julie riding in the truck!

Today I am taking Julie to Children’s Hospital to have a recently discovered heart murmur checked out by a cardiologist. Julie has spent the last week telling everyone she knows and then immediately following it up with “don’t worry, I’m not worried.” She is such a good girl. I’m looking forward to having a few hours alone with her. Will update later.

My beautiful little girl is turning 5 in a matter of days and we are having her birthday at Par Tee in the next town over at an indoor miniature golf place. On her actual birthday we are going to take all 4 children Build A Bear. This upcoming outing has bought me a lot of leverage with Rachel with her persistence with being late every morning. Today will be day 4 of being on-time and that is a total…