Grand Mal (Seizure #3)

At around 8am today Rachel had another seizure. She was taking her pills with John (had swallowed 2 of 3) and she went into a trance and started turning her head almost in rhythm with the gears of a clock’s “seconds” hand. Couldn’t get her to reply and we laid her on the couch on her side. Convulsions lasted for minutes and I administered the diastat rectally.

I’m sure some people read this blog and think that sucks and on some level think that this is normal and expected. Not a big deal. But this is my healthy kid and this is only the second seizure we’ve seen at home.

This is scary. It makes my stomach hurt. She might be terminally ill but she is healthy on the outside and seizures are harder for me to witness than the night I got her official diagnosis.

She is passed out on the couch missing a fun day of green. So unfair.