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I have wanted to take the kids on codzilla for about 2 years.  Maybe 1 year.  I forget. 🙂

We are going on Codzilla this sunday and will then be able to cross another item off our bucket list.  So excited!

Here is codzilla info:

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What do people live for?

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I took Rachel to her second appointment with her Pediatric Rheumatologist and he confirmed that she does have Lupus, also known as Systemic Lupus Erthymisomethingerother. How does a beautiful and innocent kid end up getting an early death sentence and Lupus? It’s total bullshit and rather than be angry this fine evening I would like to pose a question to those folks that still read my infrequently updated blog.

What do you live for?

Last year I spent many weeks living to cross off items on the bucket list, taking my kids to multiple states and experiencing all sorts of awesome things. Already this year I have driven my kids down to Florida and back and watched the miracle of Rachel and London learn how to swim. I have personally been living to make sure Rachel, Julie, London and Boston get to experience countless amazing days while Rachel can.

This year I want to continue this mission but maybe travel a little less (my new Jeep is not so good with gas mileage). Planning on sharpening our camping skills, maybe get a little sailboat. I’m looking for more adventuring ideas, things to enjoy, experience, to LIVE for.

So… What do you live for?

Took this picture of Rachel today. We clocked 100 miles with the Jeep’s top down today. It was 65 degrees in Massachusetts today!

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December Trip – Foul Ball

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Let’s see. Me and the kids planned a Trip of a Lifetime from Boston to Colorado, stopping to see family in Kansas City. The goal of the trip was to see the Flying W Christmas Round-up (Bucket List item).

It didn’t quite happen that way.

My minivan broke down in PA (water pump died and overheating commenced).

Once the van was fixed we hit lots of snow.

We ended up getting to Kansas City and stayed a few days but saw more weather heading through Colorado and Kansas and I decided it was safer to drive home.

I will do this trip again next year (earlier in the Flying W Christmas Season) and we will GET THERE!!!!

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Headed Out

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We’re going back to Colorado via Kansas City to see the Flying W Christmas Round-Up! Leaving in a few short hours (need a little bit of sleep first) and will hopefully drive as far as Ohio tomorrow and stay in a TBD hotel.

Driving to Kansas City and staying 2 nights then headed to Colorado on Thursday.

Wish us luck that the weather holds out. 🙂

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Rachel Update

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Rachel has been suffering from a nasty rash.  It started off slow around her shoulders and it has progressed down her body, leaving a whiteness in the pigmentation of her skin.  I’m concerned that it is an autoimmune rash and actually brought her to the doctor on Tuesday for an exam and blood work.  I asked the doctor to test her for Lupus markers and hopefully we’ll know in the next couple of days.  The rash is nasty and seemingly unrelated to medication or Batten Disease.  She is quite uncomfortable because its currently in her inner and outer thigh area so hopefully that will clear up or move soon. I’m also waiting on a Dermatology referral to Boston Medical Center.

Good News!  We are (me and the 4 kids) headed to Colorado for a quick trip to see the most AMAZING friends  and family in Kansas City and to cross The Flying W Christmas Round-Up from our Bucket List. Rachel has loved the Flying W since she was an infant so this should be a truly remarkable experience for her and for the other kids.  They are STOKED about going to the 8pm showing so they get to stay up!

This Saturday I am taking the kids (with the help of my Mom) to the Make-A-Wish Christmas party at Boston’s Logan Airport.  Apparently they have the party *IN* the Delta Airlines Hangar so I am really excited for the kids to see that.

Merry Christmas. 🙂  Today’s picture is the kids with Santa, taken at the Hull MA Carousel Shop.  I’ve put this picture in our yearly business Christmas card.  🙂
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