Road Trip 4 A Cure

On June 14th we are leaving from Hull, Massachusetts and are driving all the way to Eureka, California then north to Seattle Washington and back to Hull, Massachusetts with lots of stops on the way. The reason why we are taking this trip is 2-fold:

1. Rachel is dying from Juvenile Batten Disease: a rare genetic brain disease that has taken a healthy little girl and made her blind and cognitively impaired. Within time she will be in a wheel chair, unable to communicate or eat. Her life expectancy is late teens to early 20’s. Rachel and her siblings (8, 6, 5 and healthy) all want to go to California to swim in the pacific ocean and visit the Redwood Forest. After reaching California we are driving north to Seattle to spend some time with Rachel’s (half) 4 year old twin sisters that she has never met. This trip is to fufill some of her bucket list items as we are racing against a clock.

2. Our Road Trip for a Cure covers approximately 7,206 miles and we would like to raise $7206.00 in donations for Batten Disease Research ($1 per mile) and along the way at rest stops and day trips we are going to hand out brochures, awareness bracelets, business cards for Team Rachel and share our journey with as many people as we can. Generating research dollars for Batten Disease will help with other diseases that are more easily recognized, ex: Alzheimers.

Send donations: Team Rachel: 35 N Street, Hull MA 02045 or via paypal:

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Please contact us if you can help with media contacts, donations, spreading the word:

Our Team Rachel Road Trip for Research is set-up like this (7,206 miles)

Hull, MA
Reynoldsburg, Ohio (the home of the BDSRA)
Kansas City, MO
Colorado Springs, CO (Friends and Camping)
Salt Lake City, UT
Eureka, CA (Pacific Ocean and Redwood Forest)
Seattle WA (Twin Sisters)
Billings, MT
Mount Rushmore, SD
Sioux Falls, SD
Bloomington, MN (Mall of America0
Niagra Falls, NY (Woohoo!)
Hull, MA (Home)

Team Rachel Road Trip 4 A Cure Map

The Team Rachel Road Trip Minivan!