Rachel update July 2014

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The weeks after the road race have been super busy for Rachel, me and her siblings.  Rachel finished up her home schooling with several weeks of seeing Anneliese the awesome TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) at our home and baking.  Once school was out I loaded up the kids, pets and the Airstream and we drove out to Colorado.  Rachel had a hard time over the 4 day journey as it was very disorienting for her but once we arrived she has been doing much better.  I sent her IEP (education plan) to the school district here and they started her in summer school the Monday after we got here.  She likes going to school as much as she ever has (says she hates it but has a good time when she is there).  A huge difference for me was putting her on a big yellow school bus when I am used to putting her on a 13 passenger van.

I have been making her walk everywhere but I let her use the wheelchair to go to school with for her safety.  Yesterday she went 4 wheeling which tired her out from having to keep her core balanced.  She also went pee in the woods!  This morning she slept in until nearly 10am so I know she had a work out.  She is definitely losing her ability to walk but I am trying to fight it as much as possible.  Soon I will let her sit (she wants to just about always) but for now, while I think its in her best interest she is stuck with me and walking.

Here are a few recent pictures:

2014-06-28 11.50.22

2014-07-03 09.37.40

2014-06-17 13.20.32

2014-06-26 12.55.59

2014-07-04 15.18.12

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Cohasset Sports Complex – Silver Sponsors

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cohasset_sports_complexThank you Thank you Thank you!  The Cohasset Sports Complex has committed to being Silver Sponsors of Team Rachel Race 4 A Cure.  Thank you!



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Clean Harbors – Gold Sponsors!!!

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Thank you so much to Clean Harbors for donating $1000 to Team Rachel!  They have been so generous to our efforts to raise money for Batten Disease Research and we are so grateful.  Thank you!!!! <3

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Wyrosdic Builder Design & Construction – Silver Sponsors

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Wyrosdic Builder Design & ConstructionThank you to Gary Wyrosdic of Wyrosdic Builder Design & Construction for sponsoring Team Rachel Race for A Cure!!!  They are returning sponsors of our race and we are so grateful!

Wyrosdic is located in Lynfield, MA and graciously put in ramps to both our front and back door at Rachel’s home.

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Good Geeks – T-Shirt Sponsors

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Good GeeksThank you to John and Good Geeks for sponsoring the T-Shirts for Team Rachel this year!  People love the shirts and they last forever, we appreciate the donation and support of Rachel and Batten Disease Research!

Website: www.goodgeeks.co

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Divto Realty – Silver Sponsors

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Divito RealtyThank you so much to Sue Ann and Mr Divito for sponsoring the road race for another year!  We really appreciate your support!

Website: www.divitorealty.com


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On that note

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2014-04-12 20.23.58-2

Rachel having puppy therapy with her dog

My last post was about following my gut and taking Rachel out of her residential school, which I did.  Tonight I will briefly write about the last few weeks and the immediate future.

Rachel has been in her wheelchair twice since leaving school.  Once to walk to have pizza around the corner and once to come to the park on our street.  While at the park Rachel was able to swing in the “disabled people” swing for several minutes and could not have been happier.

Since she has been home I have put our house on the market!  As a result of selling the house I moved her bedroom back to the second floor and she is sharing a room with her 10 year old sister, Julie.  Rachel’s lower body strength and endurance for walking has dramatically increased.  She is happier due to a lack of repeated transitions and having a verbal translator (me) near her at all times.

The school is trying to force the issue and send Rachel to a “Collaborative” school.  I have requested, for the time being, pull out services.  If Rachel’s Dad accepts her “Collaborative” placement then I will be forced to send her (unless she has diarrhea all of those days of the week), or I have to get a Dr note every 60 days requiring school to bring school to home.  Since the house is on the market and the kids and I are moving, I think I am going to go for the homeschool option.

Rachel is happy at home.  I am doing just fine with her.  This is such a stupid “fight” and one which I am completely unwilling to lose because advocating for Rachel is at the top of my priority list.  I know what she wants, I know what she lives and I know what she is trying to say when the words fail her.  I guess I am up at bat.  I haven’t swung a bat (literally) since high school. Luckily this is a metaphor and I will do my job as her Mom.

In 50 years this won’t matter to anyone.  But the next few years mean everything. For Rachel, for me and for her siblings.  Standing up for what you know is right for Rachel is the right thing to do.

I shall stand tall and proud and wearing a gas mask because Rachel sure does love to fart. <3

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Follow your gut

Follow your gut

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I’m watching Rachel stuff herself a few feet from me with some pancake donut holes that you can buy at Trader Joes.  It’s a Tuesday morning at 8:40 and my triplets (my other three children who are unaffected by this disease (I call them the triplets) are all at school. A little over a month ago I sent Rachel off to a new residential school and we lasted a month.  They offer some amazing activities there for kids who have a wide range of disabilities and I highly recommend the place.

But the place just wasn’t for us.

She’s home for now while we figure out the next step.  If the decision were hers she would return to the Middle School she was attending but we have to consider another option as well before she (hopefully) gets to return to her old school.  She is sitting in her recliner under an electric blanket and listening to Sesame Street on Sprouts.  Happy as a clam.  I followed my gut and I’m happy about my decision to bring her home.

My favorite part about her being home?  She is walking up and down the stairs and sleeping in her old bunk bed in her old room with her little sister, Julie.

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BJ’s Auto in Norwell MA – 2nd SPONSOR

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BJs Auto Repair in Norwell MAFor the third year in a row, BJ’s Auto Repair in Norwell Massachusetts generously sponsors Team Rachel’s Race for a Cure!  BJ’s Auto is our first sponsor of the year!

Thank you!

Website: http://www.bjsautonorwell.com/

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Petrocelli Insurance Adjusters – 1st Sponsor

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Petrocelli Insurance Adjusters in Hingham MAPetrocelli Public Insurance Adjusters are faithful sponsors of Team Rachel Race 4 A Cure and has sponsored all 3 races!  This year Tami made sure that Petrocelli was our first road race sponsor.  Thank you!!!

Website: http://www.petrocelliadjusters.com/

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