News Feature!

News Feature!

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Yesterday Team Rachel and our Road Trip 4 A Cure was featured in the Hull Times!!! We are on the FRONT PAGE and between the cover and the remainder of the story, both a picture of Rachel and our lettered minivan were included!

The best part of this week being our week for feature is that every household in our town received a complimentary copy of the Hull Times because it included the summer guide. We are about to hit $1000 in donations plus several more are promised and I am bubbling over with support and kind words from people. That has been one good thing for me personally to come out of this journey is that I spent years feeling alone and wishing I could meet people and have friends.

I took myself out to lunch yesterday (first time ever) after Rachel declined the invitation to leave school early (I had volunteered all morning and was tired and hungry so there was no hope I was going to actually eat something healthy unless it was made for me). When I arrived at Barefoot Bobs I sat at the bar and within 60 seconds had ordered a house salad on greens with a margarita and was then invited sit with new found friends (husband and wife who live on my street) because they saw I was alone.

Yesterday I realized I’ll never feel alone ever again. Having kids, having Rachel and this journey as horrible and unimaginable as it is watching your child slip away, I am grateful to be walking in my shoes with such amazing people in my life (near and far).

Please come to our lemonade stand on Monday (3-8) and Tuesday (12-8). 35 N Street in Hull!

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