Author: Kat


We just got back from 12 days in Boston surrounded by loads of people who love us.  Here are some pictures of family with Rachel.


This one is for Janet and Joe.  Thank you for sending Rachel a gift card to Cheesecake Factory, she was so excited to take her Granny and Granddad.  Granddad took these pics and I am passing them along. <3

Rachel with her brother, Boston) and Ruby her bus driver.

I finally worked up the nerve (guts, balls) to ask Rachel’s bus driver and monitor to take a picture with Rachel. Out of total manipulation I asked them on Rachel’s birthday and was successful. Below are Rachel with Sandra; the bus monitor who is originally from Brazil. And Boston with Rachel and Ruby; Rachel’s bus driver who is trying to teach Rachel (and me) a little Spanish and apparently does the best Mickey Mouse impression.


In many places here in Denver we have community mailboxes. I like to call them mailbox trees (Rachel is photographed near one of the trees near our house). Within these plastic boxes, (yellow and blue) are small USB books on tape provided to her by the library of Congress. Audio books. Books on tape. They come in the mail, for free, and this library has extensive content for all ages. So imagine how ironic it is that these books are…


For Rachel’s Birthday, my mother requested a “Feel Better Friend” through their website and organization based in Olathe, Kansas.  Here is Rachel with her friend who was hand made to look like Rachel.  So cool! Rachel turned 16 last week was diagnosed in 2009 with Juvenile Batten Disease, a very rare and progression brain disease which has caused her blindness, cognitive and speech loss as well as worsening memory and swallowing issues.


  I wanted to get pictures of her driver, Ruby and bus monitor, Sandra, but I didn’t have the nerve. Ruby is shy and I’ve been working on her since January to talk and it’s been working! It’s was probably torture for her, the beginning, but I believe I’m tolerated now. She’s sweet as pie and puts up with my crazy. smile emoticon. Her husband is a huge Red Sox fan so I knew she needed me as her friend…